Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If you think NBA ref's aren't corrupt...

...then you clearly haven't been watching the playoffs.

Officiating has been so inconsistent and in some cases out right biased that I can't believe they even play the games anymore. The only thing that is salvaging this post-season monstrosity is that despite the piss-poor officiating, Lebron and the Cavs are actually down 3-1.

Perhaps there is justice in the world, but it sure isn't apparent in the NBA's officiating.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a quickie...

Just a quick thought here as the NBA playoffs roll on:

National media has been praising LBJ non stop for his miraculous shot, and the comparisons to MJ have made me borderline nauseous. Has no one noticed that the rest of his team is not contributing one bit to the immense effort that he is putting forth? How about the fact that the TEAM almost lost two consecutive playoff home games on a court where they were virtually unbeatable all year? Right now I think that the Magic have the Cavs right where they want them, and instead of praise flowing down on LBJ like he is the second coming, how about the realization that they are playing mediocre basketball right now against a team that they should be rolling over.

Today I find myself wondering if I am the only person in America that thinks that the Cavs should be very very worried?? I will give LeBron all the credit he deserves for making one of the most memorable buzzer beaters in history. But it was a miracle shot, and one that has basically kept Cleveland from digging themselves a huge hole.

Quickly: If Stan Van Gundy and the Magic pull this upset, will Shaq be obliged to eat his words about SVG being a "master of panic"?? I sure think so.