Friday, January 4, 2008

The inaugural blog!

Greetings, friends.

I would like this inaugural blog to serve as a statement of purpose. It is actually quite simple, really: I love sports. I have many opinions about sports, and what better way to share them than to release them into the vast blogosphere. This blog will not only serve as a sounding board for random spouting of self-righteous, completely partisan, sometimes incorrect and often incoherent ramblings about the world of sports, but hopefully as a venue for discussion. I invite both my close circle of sports savvy friends to read and participate, as well as everyone else with the slightest inkling of sports interest to feel free to caustically shoot down or cheerfully agree with anything I post.

From the very beginning, let me make a few things perfectly clear.

1) I am a rampant Michigan fan, and an equally rampant Chicago Bears fan.
2) I am also often wrong, and when I recognize it I will admit it without reservation. But I'm also often right, and when I am, I'll rub it in everybody's face.
3) Though sports will be the major focus of this blog, I will often post about things not related to sports. I am assuming that the majority of my readership (that's assuming there is a readership, which is a big if) are my friends who I may want to update. This is the exception, not the rule.
4) This blog is an ongoing project.

I'm not assuming that anybody cares about what I have to say, but this blog will exist regardless. I urge all readers to actively comment and participate in discussion. Thanks for reading!


Stefan said...

When compiling a list of great Jewish athletes two names come to mind: Greg Jaffe and Ira Newble. The latter is actually black but if you heard the name Ira Newble and didn't know what he looked like wouldn't you think he was a Rabi?

Gmail said...

I'm certain that Rich Rodgriguez is a fantastic football coach and recruiter. Say what you will about the coaching of Lloyd Carr and Bo Schembechler, but in the important (to the UofM community, if not to all football programs) category of molding boys into men, these two coaches are nonpareil. Will Rich Rodriguez measure up?

Peter Shannon said...

I heart you Jaffe...

what a super idea

I have 4 things I would like to say...
1) I am a Detroit sports fan rather than a die hard umich fan. I cant stand the kids that can name every football player on the mich team but cant name 3 Lions (or bears if youd like)
2) the tigers will make the playoffs riding granderson...he is going to break his records from last season even though he missed a portion of it already. Derek Lee (for the cubs fans) has fully recovered from wrist surgery 2 years ago and will carry the Cubs into the playoffs.
3) the wings will win the stanley cup narrowly beating the pitt penguins (who get all the calls, according to Stefan)
4) If NO comes out of the West and plays the pistons for the championship, I will be offering blowjobs to all who inquire.


Stefan said...

In response to Pete's item's...

1) The Lions can't name three players on the Lions.

2) The Tigers should offer Polanco and a lifetime supply of blumpkins to the Phillies for Mr. Intangibles. Him and Granderson could solve word peace and the Grand Unifying Theory during pre-game warm ups.

3) The Pens get so many calls its outrageous. They got outshot by almost 20 last night and won by two goals. The NHL desperately wants Crosby to be the next Gretzky so anybody on the other team who looks at him cross-eyed gets a 4 minute major and a firing squad. If the Wings can make it past a tough Dallas team they *SHOULD* win. If the NHL makes the vastly less talented Pens win I will riot and kill Gary Bettman. I would prefer to see a Wings/Flyers cup so I can start world war 3-20 here.

4) I cannot ever recall a team with a bigger disparity between the amount of credit they get and amount of credit they deserve (2004 Pistons included) than this years Hornets. That being said the next round of the west playoffs is going to be ridiculous. Any combination of SA/NO and LA/Utah (assuming they put the Rockets away) could be the conference finals without surprising me which is very rare.


Boston will lose in 6 to Cleveland because they are so emotionally drained from a regular season where their starters played more than any other team. Kevin Garnett will get so intense during the opening moments of game 1 that his head will explode. Paul Pierce will get stabbed the day before game 2. Ray Allen will legally change his name to Jesus Shuttlesworth, be adopted by Denzel Washington, and go to Big State with his newfound eligibility.

Detroit will be much more focused after this first round nonsense and handle the magic quickly.

Detroit/Cleveland will go to 7 games and I have no idea who will win.

Stefan said...

I'm thrilled to announce that the Tigers found a way to unload the worst pitcher in major league baseball- Jason Grilli- on another team- The Colorado Rockies. I would have traded him for a cadaver (most of whom probably have more live arms than Grilli). This is a great day for the Tigers and if we make a penant run we can look back to this move and know it was a big part of it. I'm sure Grilli's game will translate really well to the smallest baseball stadium in the league.

Stefan said...

Jaffe, I think you missed the point of a blog. You actually have to continue to write stuff so we can discuss it.