Friday, February 13, 2009


Is anybody else enjoying every minute of the fiasco going on at Notre Dame?

Charlie Weis has managed to prove a few things in his tenure at the helm of the Fighting Irish:

1) He's inept as a head coach and a motivator.
2) He's an asshole.
3) He's a hell of a recruiter.

A little timeline, if I may.

2007: In addition to head coaching duties, Charlie Weis decides to call plays.
RESULT: 3-7 is officially the worst season in Notre Dame history. Charlie Weis decides that he had too much on his plate (no surprise there...), and decides to defer playcalling.

2008: Following a dismal offensive production in the 2008 season, culminating in a 17-0 thrashing by Boston College, Weis decides that he will again become more active in the playcalling.
RESULT: ND squeaks by Navy, get's beaten by Syracuse at home, gets completely embarrassed by USC.

December 2008: Even with possibly the most cupcake-y schedule for any major NCAA school, ND still ends up with a 6-6 record. Weis's future at ND is obviously tenuous. Despite mounting pressure, the AD decides to keep Weis on.

So, to review. Weis is head coach AND calls plays. Result: Irish lose. Weis decides to give up OC job, solely head coach. Result: Irish lose. Weis almost loses job. What does Weis decide to do?

Why, call plays of course! Ah yes, and they extend him to 2015. AWESOME!!!

It just doesn't get any better than this.


Anonymous said...

I hope he chokes on a ham sandwich.

Stephen said...

Was Weis calling plays in 2006? I'm no Notre Dame fan, but I noticed Greg conveniently ignored the '06 season when the Irish lost only two regular season games and went on to a BCS bowl appearance (in which they got rightly destroyed). That said, their only losses before that came at the hands of the powerhouse USC and the winningest team in college football, the Meeechigan Wolverines. However, the remainder of their schedule was borderline laughable, so I will support Greg's original assessment of how truly awful Charlie Weis is.

GregGoBlue said...

Oh Steve, you dog you.

Yes, Weis led ND to a spectacular 2006 season, however he did it largely with Tyrone Willingham's recruits (who had been coached under Willingham, and who were seniors). We're talking Brady Quinn, Jeff Samardzija, Darius Walker, Tom Zbikowski and Ryan Harris (nominated for Outland award). You can't lose with that kind of talent even with Weis at the helm. Their schedule also featured cupcake city, as Steve mentioned. They also lost to three out of the four ranked teams they played.

Plus we KILLED them (I was at that glorious, glorious game). Mario Manningham took out a member of the Michigan Marching band. It was awesome.