Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The ACC, who'd a thunk?

Given Miami's switch to the ACC in 2004, many thought that they would be the kings of the conference in 2009. Not so fast my friend. Many believe that the switch to the ACC initiated a slide that has finally resulted in no first rounders for the first time in 13 years. Boo hoo.

Coming into ACC play this year, it appears as though the emergent hot team from last year, UNC, is the team to beat. Building their program under the guidance of former NFL and Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Butch Davis, the Tarheels are making strides towards retaining the top flight talent that North Carolina has to offer that would have normally gone elsewhere (like... oh I don't know... Michigan), as well as landing some kids from all over the east coast. In doing so, they managed to pull in a stellar recruiting class, and look to repeat with a similar class next year. After their exciting season last year in which they beat Miami (at da U), BC, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame (well who hasn't these days... except us...), and lost in nailbiters to WVU and Va Tech, UNC is starting to turn some heads and gain momentum.

Is UNC the team to beat in the ACC? Will the ACC ever be good again? Your thoughts...

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Sancho said...

I do believe that the ACC will be good again. Despite the fact that VaTech frequently is overrated and is generally good for a BCS bowl disappointment every year, I think that the ACC plays some of the most competitive football in the country amongst teams in it's division.

Granted, the quality of the football played in the ACC isn't that of the SEC or BIG 12 yet, I do think that it is on the rise. Big recruits are now staying in-state instead of going elsewhere, as the quality of the teams, coaching staffs, and competition gets better.

As for UNC - I liken their football season last year to that of the one that Michigan Basketball just had. They came in with medium expectations, beat some teams they shouldn't have, lost to some teams they shouldn't have, and, with their bowl performance, announced to the rest of the conference that they were no longer a team to look past. Hard to say if they are the team to beat this year in the ACC, what with BC and VaTech always consistent, and Clemson always a threat (and a disappointment). But regardless of who the favorite is, it certainly is one of the most competitive conferences in football.

Big ups to Greg for bringing this to my attention.