Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daaaaamn Tate

Who knew Tate had a 132.84 QB rating? Not this guy.


Sancho said...

You know, I came across this stat the other day. I think this is really interesting. Tate has been surprisingly efficient, even during our game-killing second half meltdowns.

His completion percentage is almost 60%, and that includes 1.6 billion dropped passes from wide receivers. As he, and the receivers, mature, there is no reason it shouldn't be in the high 60's.

A lot of our offensive stalling has been done because of untimely drops and an inability to run the ball effectively in the second half. Most of this doesn't fall on Tate.

What he can improve on is his ball security and his pocket awareness. As Greg mentioned, these are Freshman mistakes that will be (hopefully) much improved next year.

A quick theory: I think that Tate holds on to the ball a lot of the time because 1) He got away with it in high school because he was one of the best players on the field at all times and 2) In practice, he probably can get away with holding on to the ball forever because he is playing against our defense and our scout team, both of which have played terribly.

This team will get better. Rich Rod needs the time and the patience to complete this massive overhaul that he is undertaking. Most of you are not in the area currently, but you would be surprised at how impatient the local media and the alumni are with Rich Rod, and how utterly patient and faithful the student body is.

My only hope is that the administration has the same faith that the students do, and doesn't favor the opinion of the alumni (read: the people with money). Firing Rich Rod would be a travesty, and more importantly would delay our return to greatness by at least another 2 years.

For now, Go Blue this weekend! I hope that they send Brandon Graham at Justin Boren and he gets his shit owned. Win or lose, if we play with heart this weekend, I will be a happy fan.

MaybeFadedButStillBlue said...

Why does David Harris introduce himself on television without mentioning his university?