Sunday, March 8, 2009

T.O. to... the BILLS?!

Bills = doomed? T.O. consistently ruins the chemistry of each team for which he has played. Now the Bills are giving him another chance. They certainly do need a consistent receiver, but their team unity is a precious thing to gamble with. Especially without an A-list quarterback (Trent Edwards, right?). Well, if they're trying to get people to watch now, they certainly have my attention.

What do you think?

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Sancho said...

Oh boy...

Earlier this week I posted on how T.O. is a plague to any team he has been a part of, and I truly believe that this is going to be no different.

While the early buzz on this move is that the Bills now have one of the best 1-2 combos of receivers in the league in Owens and Evans, they still have an o-line that is mediocre at best at protecting the man who will be throwing them the ball. Combine this with an inconsistent running game, and the Bills will be struggling in a powerful and very competitive AFC conference in no-time.

And what happens when T.O. is on a struggling team? He starts throwing people under the bus, because it will never be T.O.'s fault will it? Couldn't be!

Most entertaining about this move will be the next few months, where T.O. is welcomed with open arms and will even appear to be civil in training camp and may even be looked at as a good mentor to the receiving corps in Buffalo. But as soon as he turns on that team, and I assure you he will, it is going to get ugly very quickly.

Prove me and everyone else in America wrong, T.O., because once you torch the Bills organization, who else is going to take a chance on you?

As for Buffalo - Good for you. Why not? It's only $6.5 million. Attendance will probably be up this year, as will jersey and other merchandise sales, which has to be good news for any franchise in this struggling economy.

And no doubt this move will bring a sense of excitement and even the possibility of hope to a franchise that has been pretty dismal since the mid-90s and has seen its fair share of disappointment (see their 64 super bowl losses).