Saturday, March 7, 2009

University of Miami Football

The University of Miami football program was one of the most feared and dominant teams in the 90s. Their W's, however, coming at the expense of recruiting questionable characters and questionable rappers as well. Not to mention making the matchup with Notre Dame in 1988 garner this title.

That all changed when Donna Shalala, President Clinton's former Secretary of Health and Human Services, took the helm as president and decided to turn the program around. Randy Shannon was hired as head football coach, who's favorite saying is "nothing good ever happened after midnight." He's reeling in top flight talent like the Miami of old, but we still have yet to see a dominant team come out of Coral Gables. From wikipedia: "He has led the Hurricanes to a 12–13 record in his first two years as head coach. This is the lowest winning percentage (.480) for a Miami Hurricanes' head coach in 30 years since Lou Saban went 9–12 in his two years as Hurricanes' head coach (1977–1978)."

Is Randy Shannon just not a good head coach? If he is, when is his program going to turn the corner? He's had ridiculous recruiting classes, and they're playing in a very weak conference (BC is the toughest team? VA Tech? Didn't Wake win the titale a few year ago? Pleeeeease). Whereas before I would always root against Miami because of their suspect, thuggish players and questionable standards of conduct of the program (for other such teams see Ohio State, and Florida State), but now I'd like them to get off the ground and make the ACC exciting to watch again. Maybe we'll just have to wait for UNC to do that, though...

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