Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where do NFL Players come from?

Here is an interactive USA Today graphic designed in part by my buddy and fellow Michigan grad, Bill Couch. It appears that RR's recruiting blitz of Florida is right on the money in terms of tapping the best resource.

Check it out.

Also: My buddy helped design this and other interactive data sets for USA Today. However, very few of USA Today's interactive data sets are on the subject of sports. The potential for really cool sports-related interactive data sets is enormous, given the wealth of rich sports data and stats out there. If you've got any ideas for future sports-related interactive graphics, list them in the comments. This is a relatively new thing for USA today, so I'm sure suggestions from sports nuts that read this blog will be highly valued.

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Sancho said...

Big ups to Bill Couch and the crew who put this together. Really cool stuff.