Friday, September 4, 2009

Brandon Graham Quickie Quote

From this ESPN interview:
Adam Rittenberg: Has everything that happened this week at Michigan brought you guys together any more?

Brandon Graham: Oh, yeah. Everybody hangs out with everybody now. That's one thing that changed in my years being here. There are no more cliques. If somebody says, 'Let's go here,' everybody wants to come. We hang out a little bit more. We're more of a team.

Yet another relic from the Lloyd Carr era out the window. Toss into that light offseason workouts, a pizza-a-day diets, and babying of star players. Ah wait, I left out perhaps the most important thing: being completely unable to defend the spread.

Going into tomorrow's game against WMU and All-Mac QB Tim Hiller, I for one am glad that Ron English is not our defensive coordinator. Cast the frustration of Appy State and Oregon out of your memories, friends. Welcome to the new harder-hitting, competitive, fast version of Michigan football. A new era begins tomorrow, let's see what this thing can do. Go Blue!

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