Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Devin Gardner vs. Pioneer quick video bullets

For those of you who don't know, this is Devin Gardner class of 2010, Michigan's QB of the future.

What I see:

1) Improved passing mechanics when he can set his feet. Stands tall in the pocket and uses his height. Sometimes when hurried compresses and dips down to add zip, needs to stand tall. His screen passes need some work, as he simply tosses them up. The screen pass is still a pass like any other, and on the next level those are going to get picked. In summary, his passing mechanics are night and day from last fall after a summer full of hard work and going to camps. I expect to see further improvement over the fall in this aspect of his game. Once he gets to Michigan under Rod Smith, he'll already be lightyears ahead of Terrelle Pryor in terms of passing mechanics at the same point in their college careers.

2) Elusiveness: what a marvelously talented athlete DG is. His burst of out his cuts are impressive, and his lateral movement is really surprising for a guy his size (6'4). It looks like he's a man amongst boys out there. For further rushing highlights check out this video from his junior year. I had heard DG was fast, but man is he FAST.

3) Leadership: DG wants to win. He elevates his teammates. No hot dogging or trash talking that I could see, but simply playing his game to the highest level. This young man will not only be a fine QB for Michigan in years to come, but a fine Michigan Man as well.


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